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Our Advocacy team aims to create mental health literacy and awareness through our community-based programs and services.

Our team embarks on projects to raise awareness on topics relating to mental health with subject matter experts through workshops, seminars and Mental ACT's social media platforms. Programs are tailor-made to target the various age groups.


The team aims to address misconceptions and questions amongst the South Asian community.

Our Recent and Current Programs:


Our Care team focuses on creating an ecosystem that supports early identification, intervention, and rehabilitation.

Our team organises programs designed for people to gain easy access to self-care techniques that they can incorporate into their daily lives. The team works towards creating a non-judgmental atmosphere where people can comfortably share their feelings and provide mutual support to one another.

Our Recent and Current Programs:


Our Train team's objective is to equip the South Asian Community with mental health-related skills and resources.

Our Team works on curating training programs and bite-size workshops that will provide individuals the knowledge and confidence in helping someone with a mental health condition and guiding them towards the necessary professional assistance.

Our Recent and Current Programs:

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