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South Asian
Mental Health Directory

In 2022, our team of Care ACTivists and ad-hoc volunteers came up with a working directory of South Asian counsellors and psychotherapists in Singapore. We recognise the growing need for culturally-sensitive therapy and the desire for therapists who comprehend the deeply ingrained cultural nuances of the South Asian community.

This directory serves as a guide only.

Please read our indemnity clause before browsing through our directory.

We hope you find someone best suited to your needs!


This directory would not be possible without the contributions of:

  • Aneesa Fazal

  • Dhivya Rajaram (Lead ACTivist)

  • Hrucha Shielesh Damle

  • Musaib Ebnuarabi

  • Nitya Menon

  • Prisha d/o Alagu Subramanian

  • Sharmni Vishnu K (Directory Lead)

  • Shodasy Xochitl Kumar

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Published as of 9 August 2022

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